What We Do

Located in Central Florida since 1998, Mitigation Marketing was the first company of its kind in Florida.  We proudly service over one-third of the mitigation banks located in the state of Florida.

  • we represent
    50,000 acres
    of protected and restored environmentally-sensitive lands
  • we have over
    5,000 credits
    for mitigation and conservation projects
  • we’ve allocated over
    $10 million
    to perpetual management funds ensuring land to be managed in perpetuity
  • we have over
    $20 million
    in ongoing restoration projects across our banks

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how we Benefit you - the developer

  • We help eliminate risk to you by ensuring successful mitigation

  • We provide predictable mitigation costs allowing you to manage project costs and risks

  • We eliminate your design, construction, monitoring and maintenance responsibilities

  • We provide greater ecological benefit than small and isolated wetland enhancement projects

  • We help reduce the regulatory review process

Pricing Schedule

May 2017