Founded in 1998, Mitigation Marketing was the first company of its kind in Florida, and today the company remains the largest firm specializing in marketing support for mitigation banks.

Known throughout the nation as a leader in the mitigation banking industry, Mitigation Marketing has developed a systematic approach to the marketing and sales of mitigation credits and focuses on service at every level. Using this approach, Mitigation Marketing has created the largest inventory of mitigation credits in the state of Florida.

stats on mitigation marketing

Represents over 20 Mitigation & Conservation Banks

Represents Over 35,000 acres of protected and restored lands

Sold and Transferred over 5,000 mitigation credits from mitigation banks

Provides Referrals to the Most Qualified Biologists, Engineers and Attorneys

Maintains Communication with a network of 5,000 industry related individuals several times per year

Team has combined experience of over 60 years in mitigation credit sales, restoration project management and environmental market analysis

As the first professional firm in the country to develop marketing and sales service for mitigation banks, we oversee the sale of credits for permitted banks and cultivate alliances for future mitigation bank management and development opportunities.

The mitigation banks protect largescale wildlife corridors, clean water, clean air, and scenic open space. These protected lands will be perpetually managed and are overseen by the state and federal regulators.

The mitigation banks were created to provide compensation for applicable wetland impacts. All pertinent permits are obtained from the St. John River Water Management District, South Northwest Florida Water Management District, South West Florida Water Management District, Suwannee River Water Management District, Department of Environmental Protection, and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, etc.

At Mitigation Marketing, we act as the link between the environmental agencies and the real estate development industry.


The Mitigation Marketing Team


As consultants, it can be challenging to provide our clients with the most cost-effective mitigation plans while staying within the confines of project schedules, design, and regulatory requirements. Mitigation Marketing provides a wealth of mitigation options to fit almost any project with a staff that is knowledgeable and understands the interests of our clients. While working on a difficult mitigation plan within the Lake Jesup Basin, Mitigation Marketing staff even went as far as recommending a mitigation site outside of their network in order to provide the client with the most cost-effective solution. Based on our experience with Mitigation Marketing, I would certainly recommend them to anyone requiring assistance in mitigation planning and project permitting.

Jason Houck, PWS, GISP
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