Colbert-Cameron Mitigation Bank

Colbert Cameron Mitigation Bank

Colbert-Cameron Mitigation Bank
Location Map and Service Area

Colbert-Cameron MB Project Location and Service Area
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Colbert-Cameron Mitigation Bank (CCMB) is located in Volusia County. Colbert-Cameron Mitigation Bank credits are available to offset impacts for projects located in North & East Orange County, Seminole, Volusia, Osceola and Brevard Counties. Its service area includes drainage basins 18, 19, 23, and part of 20, in the St. Johns River Water Management District. CCMB is also permitted to offset RHPZ impacts for select projects.


Colbert Cameron Mitigation Bank is a 2,500 +/- acre site located in the southeastern portion of Volusia County. The property features forested wetlands, prairies, cypress domes and a unique inland Salt Marsh area. Other features include a rookery and the headwaters of Cabbage Slough. There are several active eagle nests located on the property. CCMB is adjacent to a large tract of SJRWMD owned lands and provides an additional buffer between District owned lands and development in the area


Drainage activities had occurred through the years on the CCMB site which had altered the natural hydrologic conditions. Restoration efforts included plugging drainage ditches to increase the duration of the hydroperiod within the wetlands thereby increasing habitat value for wetland-dependent species.

In addition to the ditch plugs, culverts and drainage swales were constructed along the southern boundary of the property. These drainage improvements re-established a more natural flow pattern in this area and eliminated over-flooding in some areas and under water supply in areas south of the property on lands owned by the St. Johns River Water Management District.

To ensure the success and overall viability of the site, a burn management and silvaculture plan will be enacted.

CCMB has both federal and state freshwater mitigation credits available. The bank is permitted for a total of 718.8 mitigation credits. These credits are appropriated to offset either forested or herbaceous impacts. RHPZ impacts for select projects may be mitigated with CCMB credits.