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Alafia River Wetland Mitigation Bank

Basins Serviced

At A Glance
  • Bank: Alafia River Wetland Mitigation Bank

  • Basins Services: Alafia River

  • Located: Alafia River

  • Permitted: SWFWMD, USACOE (Pending)

  • Forested & Herbaceous Credits Available

Project Features:

The Alafia River Wetland Mitigation Bank (ARWMB) stands as a 373-acre mitigation bank located in Polk County, Florida, just south of Mulberry. The project area was formerly utilized as reclaimed mine lands, including Bird Branch Creek, a tributary of the North Prong of the Alafia River. The ARWMB’s boundaries encompass the channel of Bird Branch Creek and the interconnected floodplain wetlands, comprising a diverse mix of mature forested and floodplain marsh wetlands. This mitigation bank is dedicated to safeguarding these wetlands from future mining activities while simultaneously enhancing their ecological health. Restoration and Enhancement Plan

The activities associated with ARWMB include the following:

1. Preserving and enhancing approximately 207 acres of wetlands, including forested, marsh, and open water habitats connected to Bird Branch Creek, involves preventing harm from future mining, maintaining hydrological connections, fostering wading bird conditions, and ensuring ongoing floodplain connectivity downstream.

2. Protecting Bird Branch Creek, a crucial watercourse, aims to shield it from mining impacts,address non-native vegetation obstructions, and maintain existing crossings to sustain creekflow and ecological health.

3. Conserving a 165.57-acre upland buffer around the wetlands, with a minimum 50-foot width from the wetland boundary, safeguards adjacent uplands from mining disturbances, mitigates adverse effects, and provides a conducive environment for wading birds while preserving wetland integrity.

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