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Fort Atkinson Long Term Gopher Tortoise Recipient Site

Basins Serviced

Orange County North Throughout FL Panhandle

At A Glance
  • GT Recipient Site: Fort Atkinson Long Term Gopher Tortiose Recipient Site

  • Located: Lafayette County

  • Permitted: FWC

  • 1,300+ Spaces Available

Fort Atkinson Long Term Gopher Tortoise Recipient Site (FAR) is located in Lafayette County, FL. It provides spaces for over 1,300 gopher tortoises, offering designated spots across two ranch units. Up to 173 tortoises can be relocated to 69.92 acres in Ranch Unit 1, while Ranch Unit 2, spanning 405.55 acres, can accommodate up to 1,153 tortoises. This site prioritizes wildlife conservation and relocation efforts, ensuring the well-being and preservation of Florida's iconic gopher tortoises. Additionally, FAR offers full relocation services facilitated by Chris Dunfee at Ecological Consulting Solutions, Inc., including pickup, delivery, measurement/marking, and a comprehensive final report.

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