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Lake Jesup Basin Mitigation Area

Basins Serviced

SJRWMD: Lake Jesup Basin (23)

At A Glance

Located: Seminole County Permitted by SJRWMD (USACOE credits available for pairing

The Wildwood Trail Mitigation Tract is approximately 60 acres in size and located in Seminole County along the south side of CR 46, directly west of Wildwood Trail, on the eastern shore of Lake Jesup. The low-density residential land is located to the north, east, and south of this area, while the western side is abutted by SJRWMD lands. The mitigation area is a mix of mesic and xeric uplands with mixed forested wetlands throughout.

The wetlands are supporting a mix of hardwood species and conifers and the northern section is bisected by Wharf Creek that flows into Lake Jesup. Itsupports a mixed wetland community dominated by sweetgum, red maple, cabbage palm, slash pine, and laurel oak. The upland community is dominated by sand live oak, longleaf pine, laurel oak, and live oak trees. The donation parcel provides supporting upland and wetland community functions by supplying food sources, nesting, and denning habitat and maintains connectivity of a relatively large wetland system within the Lake Jesup Basin.

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