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Shingle Creek Mitigation Bank

Basins Serviced

SFWMD: Reedy Creek, Shingle Creek, Boggy Creek, Lake Tohopekaliga

At A Glance
  • Osceola County Basin: Shingle Creek

  • Permitted by: SFWMD (UMAM)

  • Forested and Herbaceous Credits Available

Project Features

The Shingle Creek property encompasses approximately 619 acres and is located Southwest of Kissimmee, in Osceola County. The Shingle Creek Bank is a component of an ecologically significant corridor that runs from Orlando south to Lake Tohopekaliga. Although there have been many historical impacts to the natural creek system, the Shingle Creek Corridor has been identified as a vital component of the regional landscape of central Florida. This corridor is critically important for flood attenuation, water supply, water quality enhancement.

SCMB Restoration and Enhancement Plan

The restoration and enhancement of SCMB includes vegetative improvement through the implementation of a nuisance and exotic vegetation removal and maintenance plan and a land management plan to support the long-term preservation of the property. In addition to hydro-logic enhancement/restoration of the mitigation bank site.

The Shingle Creek Mitigation Bank Service area is comprised of the Shingle Creek basin, the Reedy Creek basin, the Boggy Creek basin, the Lake Tohopekaliga basin and the East Lake Tohopekaliga basin. These basins combine to form the headwaters of the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes. Ecological improvements made within the Shingle Creek basin will have a ripple effect and will serve to benefit these surrounding basins. For example, many of the bird species that currently utilize resources within the other basins for nesting, foraging or loafing are also likely to use the bank property. Improvements made to the bank serve as beneficial to wildlife throughout the entire watershed.

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