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Webster Creek Mitigation Bank

Basins Serviced

SJRWMD: Northern Indian River Lagoon (21), Halifax River(17)

At A Glance
  • Northern Indian River Drainage Basin (SJRWMD 21)

  • Permitted by SJRWMD & USACOE (Pending)

  • State: UMAM, Federal: UMAM (Pending)

  • State Mangrove and Saltmarsh UMAM credits available

Project Features

Webster Creek Mitigation Bank (WCMB), is an approximately 315-acre enhancement, restoration and preservation property in Volusia County, FL located within the Northern Indian River Lagoon Basin (SJRWMD 21). WCMB provides the only saltwater credits within Basin 21 and currently has State Mangrove and Salt marsh UMAM credits available for purchase. Saltwater wetland impacts within Basin 21 & Halifax River Basin (SJRWMD Basins 17) may be mitigated by credits from WCMB.

WCMB is located within the Mosquito Lagoon, which is classified as an Outstanding Florida Water (OFW) within the jurisdiction of the SJRWMD and USACE. Much of the open water within the site occurs within the FDEP Mosquito Lagoon Aquatic Preserve and is an area of regional ecological significance. The Bank will be a significant ecological contribution to the regional watershed.

Continued implementation of the proposed mitigation bank plan will provide significant added wildlife value and improve the ecological conditions of the regional water-shed by protecting the previously enhanced and restored wetlands and uplands within and adjacent to WCMB. The proposed mitigation plan will increase the site’s wildlife carrying capacity and continue to provide habitat improvements for wildlife species in the region.

WCMB was permitted by Bio-Tech Consulting, Inc.

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