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Welcome to the Mitigation Marketing Resource Library, a comprehensive hub for information related to wetland mitigation banking in Florida. This page is designed to assist mitigation bankers, permittees, and other stakeholders by providing essential resources, guides, and tools to navigate the complexities of mitigation banking.

What is Wetland Mitigation Banking?

Wetland mitigation banking is a system where a mitigation bank restores, creates, enhances, or preserves a wetland, stream, or habitat conservation area to compensate for unavoidable impacts to aquatic resources elsewhere. It is a market-based approach to compensatory mitigation that provides a cost-effective and ecologically sound method to offset environmental impacts.

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Tools and Resources

RIBITS: The Regulatory In-lieu Fee and Banking Information Tracking System (RIBITS) provides comprehensive information on federal mitigation banks, in-lieu fee programs, and their associated credits.

Article: Banking on Mitigation - An insightful article discussing the challenges and opportunities in the mitigation banking industry.

Research Paper: Conservation Priorities and Environmental Offsets This paper introduces an empirical framework for valuing markets in environmental offsets, focusing on Florida's wetlands.

Regulatory Framework and Guidelines

Understanding the regulatory framework is crucial for compliance and successful implementation of mitigation banking projects.

Guidelines and Policies:

  • Federal Mitigation Rule: Establishes standards for compensatory mitigation.

  • Florida Statutes

    • Section 373.4135 - Mitigation Banks and Offsite Regional Mitigation:

    • Key Highlight: Local governments cannot deny the use of mitigation banks or offsite regional mitigation due to their location outside the local jurisdiction.

Finding and Using Mitigation Credits

Credit Pricing and Availability: Mitigation credits can vary in price based on location, type, and availability. It's essential to stay informed about the current market conditions.

  • Guide to Purchasing Wetland Mitigation Credits

Service Area Maps: Understanding the service area of a mitigation bank is crucial for determining credit applicability.

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This resource library aims to provide a centralized and comprehensive collection of information to support your work in mitigation banking. We regularly update this page with new resources, so please check back frequently for the latest information.

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