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Dennis K. Benbow

Dennis K. Benbow


Dennis K. Benbow has over forty years of professional marketing, land acquisition and land development experience. Mr. Benbow has a keen understanding of the issues surrounding land development and wetland mitigation in the State of Florida.

Benbow is owner of Mitigation Marketing, LLC and implemented the concept of designing organized marketing strategies for mitigation banks in 1997; Mr. Benbow became one of the first professional marketers in the country to develop a marketing and sales service for mitigation banks.

At Mitigation Marketing, his sole responsibility includes the development of marketing strategies for wetland mitigation banks. He oversees the sale of mitigation credits for Mitigation Marketing’s permitted banks, and cultivates alliances for future mitigation bank management or development opportunities.

In 1994, Benbow launched the first federally approved mitigation bank in the state of Florida, The Florida Mitigation Bank. It met full success criteria in 2004 and is highly regarded as the most successful bank in Florida.

Benbow is also Managing Member and was highly instrumental in the permitting of the Wekiva River Mitigation Bank (Wekiva River Basin), Green Swamp Mitigation Bank (Withlacoochee Basin), Hillsborough River Mitigation Bank (Hillsborough River Basin), Sebring Scrub Conservation Bank (Lake Wales Ridge), Southport Mitigation Bank (Reedy Creek Basin) and Withlacoochee Wetland Mitigation Bank (Withlacoochee Basin). Dennis also permitted Hammock Lake Mitigation Bank, which was acquired by a 3rd party after fully receiving both the state and federal permits.

He is currently in the process of permitting another mitigation bank, Hilochee Mitigation Bank (Withlacoochee Basin). Benbow is always actively seeking suitable properties for potential mitigation and conservation banking in the state of Florida.

In 2009, Benbow was the founding member of the Florida Association of Mitigation Bankers. He served as President from 2009-2011.

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